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Claim: The Yellow Killers by Studio8558 Claim: The Yellow Killers :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0 Big Sale! by Studio8558 Big Sale! :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0 DBX Season 1 Roster by Studio8558 DBX Season 1 Roster :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 1 0 Sale by Studio8558 Sale :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0 A hint on my next DBX by Studio8558 A hint on my next DBX :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 2 0
Voting time!
Check out my previous deviation in order to get the picture.
SPOILERS: I will say who I used for a video, so I warned you.
So, in my Smash video, I used DK, which is Donkey Kong. And I feel like the video was pretty good overall. One of my BEST works.
So, to continue on this, I a, requesting your vote on who I do next.
Obvious Rules:
*One Use for every Character (No repeats)
*No Sheik (I do not even care about her)
*No Sero Suit Samus (Same as Sheik)
*Your votes go in the comments
*Overall, choose who I should play next (Adoy!)
*Think about why you choose this character
I await your votes!
"aw, come on, a joke is a jok-"
"Okay, but you still owe me money."
"You betting on Shovel Knight on Dea-"
THAT DOESN'T COUNT! It was not fully researched!
"Still better researched than you ever get."
"Can't touch this. Also
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
Literature masterpiece!
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
Now aiding in Fight Drawings!
To many, one is rather with limits. And one can create a Death Battle on this sight. So, to aid with those who want a good drawing of a character vs another, I will be taking time to draw the two in an area with a fight intended. I will no longer be working on my DB's but rather other's. If you have a fight and you want a drawing done for it, comment this with a request.
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 4
I goofed up
I goofed up officially.
I think this may become a Meme.
Remix it all you want, it just is cringe worthy.
I am so sorry!😩
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
Review and New Level Idea for THOC: R
Okay, we know the saying "Nightmares are never ending chronically and logically", but TJOC: R has a new update to it.
Play as a baby as you stay alive in...the Bedroom!
Honestly, I am impressed. New mechanics and whatnot are actually good, and since the Halloween reveal, this implies heavy lore AND great game play. The bedroom, I say, is scarier than Springtrap's Spooktastic Festive Halloween Fright Night.
Honestly, never let me do this naming again.
But, I am gonna hope for a new room: Kitchen.
Kitchen: The stylish modern asset to our lives, many fancy a meal cooked in here. However, with risqué additions, it may not seem as comfy as it is spooky.
Design: A black and white tiled floor, a classic kitchen table in the middle, a fireplace at front, counters to the sides, a door to the center right wall.
Interactables: Table, Fireplace Logs
Light Mechanic: The player clicks on the light switch to turn on and off the lights, but this doubles the speed of depletion, not time of the fir
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Untitled by Studio8558 Untitled :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
How I think the fight would've gone if DB was good
Starting from when Scrooge pulls out his pistols...
Scrooge holds out his guns, and fires. SK pulls out his fire wand and fires. The two blasts collide, allowing SK to hop over the blasts, which explode into a bright light, which blinds Scrooge temporarily.
SK, who is in front of Scrooge, slams his Shovel onto the quacker, and slashes, causing the duck to fall down in pain. With his foe down, the Knight pulls out his Alchemy Coin. Scrooge, in desperation, fires once more, as so does SK.
The attacks collide. And...the blasts equal out, causing them to poof away. However, another golden blast passes through the explosion, and hits Scrooge, turning him solid gold, as well with his Blasters. The golden statue begins to shake. SK runs up, and slashes, breaking the guns, and he slashes Scrooge.
The statue breaks. Scrooge aims and fires, only to see no shots coming out. His eyes bulge out of his sockets, before SK, with his Dust Knuckles, bashes Scrooge with a flurry of punches, one of which
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
Gotta be honest...
Gotta be honest, there are three things I am mad at today.
1. A sickness
2. Other stuff
And 3. DB!
DB is the second most frustrating one. Not only did they f**k up ANOTHER battle, but they mad it so unfair.
Seriously, Scrooge, a cartoon duck with cartoons, video games, and comics for feats vs a Knight only in a video game!?
Why did you not nerf him? If you did it for Yoshi, not not do it to the damned duck!?
To tell you, I hope the next DB isn't bad as this one, or else...
And no, this isn't biased!
:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 1 0
DB Truth Booth
Hello everyone. Studio8558 here, to say a new spectacle has been created:
DB Truth Booth!
Speak out for the world as you show and tell why a DB is bull. You can do old and new, as long as they are officially on YOUTUBE. Lemme know your thoughts in the comments. Show your pride and intelligence of why DK loses, Sonic loses, and why Ganondorf loses. Basically, be salty and Sh!t. I will respond to a select few, so POST POST POST.
Share with friends.
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Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck Image for MaxFunnies by Studio8558 Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck Image for MaxFunnies :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 1 2 Boodini Plush by Studio8558 Boodini Plush :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 0 0
One Minute Melee.
Twelve fights, one season.
Sixty seconds.
One Minute Melee


DBX : Artficial Intelligence, Real Instinct

Couple of drones swarm about, deep space. A huge battleship is seen moving at a snail's pace. A few fighter drones accompany it.
The UNSC was in deep trouble again. The rogue space predator, Agent Maine, was loose yet again. Bloodthirsty. All of the Corp's super marines were in healing quarters since they attempted to engage in combat with The Meta and had failed, quite bad.
Aboard the UNSC Mothership...
The Senate sat among themselves wondering how to come up with a solution for this problem of theirs. One of the Senators suggested John-117, but the Chief was on a seperate mission, searching for two others space marines. Suddenly, a secondary Senator rose up and spoke aloud, "Earth has developed quite a lot since our last visit there. I have heard of a company called 'Ultratech' down there. Maybe, we could contact them and tell them to be aware of Agent Maine because... they seem to have an unstoppable metal soldier."
:iconzextr3me:Zextr3mE 8 1
Bowser VS Vegeta: Part 2

(note: if you haven't read Part 1, here it is:
Previously on Death Battle, Bowser had kidnapped Bulma, Videl, Pan, and Chi-Chi to lure the heroes into a trap set by him and his other allies. Bulma slapped Bowser in anger at what Bowser was planning, but the Koopa King simply slapped her back. He then grabbed her and prepared to kill her when Vegeta showed up to rescue her. He confronted the Koopa King to avenge his wife. As the other villains fought with the heroes, Goten helped Videl, Pan, Bulma, and Chi-Chi get off of the airship. Bowser dominated the fight with Vegeta, barely taking any damage. Now, with Vegeta as a Super Saiyan Blue, can he finally win, or will Bowser continue his domination of the fight? Find out right now!
Vegeta's Last Stand! The Ultimate Showdown against Bowser!
Vegeta, suddenly got up, with anger in his ey
:iconpaleomario66:Paleomario66 6 18
Prelude: Not So Alone In The Dark.....

The Dark.
Something that is feared naturally by all human beings.
Where hunters and predators lay in wait.
And today two fighters who primarily fight in the dark will duel to the death.
Samus Aran Slayer of Metroids and Venom the lethal protecter!
Now it's time to analyse there weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a.....

Note: For this battle Samus will not have access to hyper mode due to her needing phazon to use it which I consider in this scenario outside help.
Anyway out to the prelude!

Samus Aran
Alias: The Hunter, Chosen One, Sammy
Age: Mid to late twenties
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 198lbs without suit on 
:iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 6 5
Mature content
Not So Alone In The Dark.....The Fight :iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 19 2
DBX: BB Hood vs Scout

(Location: Maplecrest)
A young, red riding hood look alike called BB Hood was walking around, until she saw a black baseball hat. She walks up to it, wondering who it belonged to, until, she heard a loud yell.
She looked around to find who was making that noise, as it get's close, she looked up, seeing a guy with a red shirt, brown pants, and a baseball bat. The guy falls on top of the little girl, hurting her.
The guy got up, to see that his hat was there, as he gets the hat, he puts it on. BB Hood got up, noticing the guy with his hat. He grabbed a paper saying "Wanted: Scout. $500000, dead or alive!"
"ああ、私はついにあなたを見つけた、スカウト!" BB Hood said quickly grabbing her uzi. Scout turned around, noticing her, but didn't understand what she said, so he replied with
:iconhoodini4:HooDini4 1 0
Sir Daniel Fortesque VS Papyrus - DEATH BATTLE!

Geese: Alright folks! The combatants are set and ready to fight for their lives! Two fighters enter, one fighter leaves... to the afterlife, that is!
Decro: Brace yourselves! IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!
The Crystal Caves

There was nothing to be heard in these caverns filled with crystals. Nothing but the sound of a blade piercing the flesh of hammer wielding monsters, followed by roars of pain and then thumps on the ground. Dan panted heavily to keep up his strength. He had been slaying these creatures known as Rhinotaurs for a while now, and as of now, he had cleared them out of the area his was in, giving him some breathing space.
Dan breathed heavily as he leaned
:icondesert-croc:Desert-Croc 9 13
DEATH BATTLE Sweet Tooth VS Trevor: Prelude

Brickhead: So many files nowadays...
Max: Anyways for those confused, we're gonna write Herbert West VS The Medic before we make this fight!
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 9 12
Reaper vs Boba Fett - Fight

Wrecked Imperial Base
An Imperial T-4a Shuttle landed in front of an Imperial Intel Base hidden in the forests of Earth. The Shuttle landed, scattering plant matter and scaring away nearby animals as the large ship touched down. The pod opened, about fifteen Stormtroopers spilling out in a single filed line, their guns trained in front of them. As they all exited, their commander for the day, the ruthless bounty hunter Boba Fett stepped out.
The Empire had gotten word of one of their Intel bases on Earth suddenly going dead silent. Lord Vader would've gone to investigate, but he was currently dealing with his own situation. 
Boba Fett, along with the Stormtroopers, headed towards the ransacked base. The outside of the base had several scorch marks and gunfire holes lining the walls, but surprisingly, the door was completely untouched. As they approached, the door slid open, revealing the real damage to them. The inside
:iconcosmoboissy:Cosmoboissy 15 19
Prelude: Fortuna Favet Fortibus

Peacock: So uh....what the heck does this title mean?
Wright: Well, I can tell that it's at least in Latin.....right?
Sammy: Correct. "Fortuna Favet Fortibus" or "Fortune Favors the Bold". And these two have proven their fortune through their bold nature.
Wright: Like Wario, the greedy, yellow-clad rival to Mario.

Peacock: And Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world.

Sammy: You know how it goes, so let's get analysing.
Sammy: Jealousy can get to the best of us, and a life among someone's shadow can change who are. Nothing represents this more than the yellow-clad anti-hero names Wario.
Peacock: Wario was born as one of the seven Star Children, meant to have "unimaginable power". Despite this, not much else is known about his past.
Wright: Really? We don't know
:icongamerboy88:Gamerboy88 15 31
Battle: Fortuna Favet Fortibus

Sammy: Anyone got the bets ready?
Peacock: I sure do! Fortuna Fafet Fort e Bus or whatever.
Wright: How elegant.
    On a television screen, the screen is blue, as red letters begin to fly into view from the side. After a few seconds, the words finally come together to say "Duckburg News". After that is through, the screen fades away to show two animals, one being a male dog, with long floppy ears and a green hat on his head. The other was a female cow, all dolled up with a bell around her neck. These were Goofy and Clarabell Cow, who were both acting as news reporters this night.
    "Welcome, one and all, to Duckburg News tonight!" said Clarabell, welcoming the audience for tuning in.
    "Gawrsh, Clarabell!" spoke Goofy before giving his signature chuckle. "There isn't much news to report tonight,
:icongamerboy88:Gamerboy88 30 30
Don't tell me by cosenza987 Don't tell me :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 633 148 If I had a dollar... by onyxcarmine If I had a dollar... :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 531 92 We need air support! by cosenza987 We need air support! :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 665 101 Go away by onyxcarmine Go away :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 420 70 Well damn by onyxcarmine Well damn :icononyxcarmine:onyxcarmine 361 72 Finals Be Like by UnversedLupine Finals Be Like :iconunversedlupine:UnversedLupine 306 44


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Claim: The Yellow Killers
What happens when the rotten yellow rabbit of FNAF goes up against Wario from FNAW?

The Halloween Special!

Not a Seasonal Death Battle!

and I will Ben doing this.

Eat your heart out MaxFunnies!

I found a foe for Springtrap that's fitting for the killing.
Big Sale!
Come one come all! Get a match of your choice! Only one per customer!

Get one today!
DBX Season 1 Roster
Streaks of Red, Yellow, and Blue: Iron Man vs Sonic
Burning Style: Pyro vs Captain Falcon
All Bulk And No Bite: Hulk vs Bowser
Well show you EVIL: Magneto vs Ganon/Ganondorf
So, just a question.

My newest DBX ha she been in the works for at least two weeks.

I know I'm not good at this type of stuff, which is why I'm doing it as well as I can.

But, here's the thing.

If I want to be completely honest, I don't know whether or not to split this into a two-parter. Should I?

Based on the majority vote, then I will decide to either do that, or not to.

Pls send me yes or no.
Everyone, I cannot say this without bowing to him.


He is Omnipotent.
He is great at DB's.

And best of all, he is your ruler.

Bow to him.

I said BOW, damnit!

Bow or else!


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